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Water Dispenser

The Zone Water Dispenser lights up your life in a different way. Our team thought for how can we light up everyone's life with products other than lighting fixtures? Water came to our mind. Water is a fundamental resource and nutrition that not only human, but also all creatures including plants need since the very beginning of the earth. Ancient people invented so-called Spa to conduct medicine bath with mineral-rich water body. To be specific, water is something essential to every of our life; therefore, Zone decided to work towards this direction.


Safety & Healthy

Like how Ancient Greek and Roman people used Spa as a health treatment, Zone understands the importance of material safety to keep water safe from being contaminated again when passing our dispenser. Electric dispenser water pump made of food grade silicone material, stainless steel, high-density ABS plastic, non-toxic and odor free. This pump dispenses safe, healthy drinking water.

Simple Operation

Zone cared about the usability from all people, ranging from children to elderly. This unit easily attaches to the opening of the bottle and comes with 2 Function Buttons: one button for quantity of water output and a second button with the on/off function. In the “off” position, no water may be dispensed. With this simplified design, everyone can enjoy the purity that water has to offer.

Compatibility and Broad Use

Zone wanted to design a product that can not only be used at home, but also everywhere. This automatic water pump is perfect for the office, home, kitchen, picnic areas, sporting events, camping, etc. Good for Construction sites, Sport Events, Beaches, Emergency sits.This bottle pump fits neck of 2.16 in. (5.5 cm) and fits gallon bottles with silicone caps. Please consider the size before purchasing.


Want to see our catalog with detailed specification?

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