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ETL Certification


ETL refers to ETL Testing Laboratories Inc. ETL's listed products are recognized by the "Authorities Having Jurisdiction" and may be considered "approved".
In most parts of the United States, the approval of electrical products is mandatory.
The ETL laboratory was founded by American inventor Edison in 1896 and enjoys a high reputation in the United States and around the world. Like UL and CSA, ETL can test and issue ETL certification marks according to UL standards or US national standards, and can also test and issue composite certification marks according to UL standards or US national standards and CSA standards or Canadian standards. The lower right "us" indicates that it applies to the United States, and the lower left "c" indicates that it applies to Canada, while having "us" and "c" applies to both countries.
Any electrical, mechanical, or electromechanical product that bears an ETL mark indicates that the product has met the minimum requirements of the generally recognized U.S. and Canadian product safety standards. It has been tested to meet relevant product safety standards; it also represents the consent of the production facility. Receive regular inspections to ensure the consistency of product quality and can be sold to the US and Canadian markets.
ETL also requires that its production site has been inspected, and the applicant agrees to conduct regular follow-up inspections of its factories thereafter to ensure that the product consistently meets this requirement.

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