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Plug-in Work Light

The Zone Plug-in LED Work Light is the most commonly-used, best-selling product among all of our Work Light Series because everyone knows how to use it. We understand that a good work light should be reliable, efficient, and easy to use that is why we value creating lighting fixtures that enhance the overall quality of your life. If you're looking for a lighting fixture that truly brightens up your workspace, look no further than Zone Plug-in LED Work Light.


Easy to Store

Although without the invincibly stable tripod, our work light can be fit in any trunk area, household storage, or even any camping luggage. In addition, the brightness of the light is not compromised a bit because Zone uses the same powerful PCB LED chip to sustain the identical brightness of every LED light.

Power, Power, and Power.

From 1000 to 15000 lumens, our lights are sure to outshine the competition. In fact, they're so powerful that even Darth Sidious' lighting force would pale in comparison. Whether you're in a dimly lit workshop, camping in the wilderness, or just need a little extra light in your garage, Zone Work Lights will illuminate your world like never before. Say goodbye to dark spaces and hello to brilliant brightness with Zone.

The Cooling Fins

At Zone, we create high-performance lighting machines that deserve the same attention and care as any supercar or aircraft. We know that the ability to cool down is essential to ensure that our lights work efficiently. So, we have equipped our lights with high-quality aluminum cooling fins, allowing them to function at their best without any hiccups.


LED Work Light

1200/ 7000/ 10000/ 15000 lumens

Bucket Linkable Work Light

4000 lumens

Clamp Work Light

1200 lumens

Want to see our catalog with detailed specification?

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