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Desk Lamp

Zone spent a substantial amount of time, coming up with this brand new item that illuminate the desk area of our customers. The Desk Lamp exemplified the Zone value of being considerate while lighting up door users' life. The Qi charger that comes with the light symbolized our intention wishing our users can put away their phone to charge while focusing on their task, whether it's book-reading, video-conferencing, or calligraphy-writing. The Desk Lamp has an eye-protection technology that cares about the users' health when being directly exposed under light for a considerable amount of time.


Wireless charging

Convenient, wireless charging gives your Qi-enabled smartphone (max 10W) a quick, extra boost or a complete recharge in 3 hours (with or without protective phone cover) while you are working and reading with comfortable lighting. Various phone cover materials and or thicknesses might impede the wireless changing function.

Eye-Protection Tech

Eye-Caring Desk lamp is gentle on the eyes, with no flickering light to disrupt your brightened space. It is ideal for reading, working or studying. We intended to offer our customer the most healthy, satisfying environment when they're working no their table where the Zone Desk Lamp is illuminating.

Foldable Joint

This desk lamp can bend 180° at the arm and 90° at the base, giving you the freedom to cast the perfect light projection. It is portable and easy to carry for travel and folds for easy storage. This foldable joint provides the users a adjustability to fit any changes to their environment.

It is during our Darkest Moments that We must focus to see the Light.


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