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Ballast Free Fixture FAQ


Wrap Light

Yeah, I've got a light fixture AZF 2210 WFT and the wires were not all into the sockets in one end. And there is no wiring diagram to show me exactly which side to put the wire. The length of the wire might be determining it. But then again, you're putting a black wire with a white wire and I don't like that.



Wire Orientation: Since there's no specific wiring diagram, the length of the wire might indeed be a factor. However, to avoid connecting black and white wires together, typically, black wires are associated with hot (positive) and white wires with neutral (negative). If you can identify the wires based on their colors, this should help in making the correct connections. if this could not help you, please return the goods to the store for replacement.


Strip Light

I installed two of your two strip light fixtures you know side by side the ballast free. The model number is Z as in Zebra, F as in Frank 2211-S as in Sam, T as in Thomas. I I, I, you know wired them. I correctly put the negatives, all the negatives and negative positives and positives. I put the ground wire on. But the one side I cannot get to work. Any suggestions on it? I mean I switched the bulbs, the bulbs don't seem that the bulbs aren't the factor because I switched. One side works, the other side doesn't. I put all the bulbs on the good side and they all four bulbs work. It's just that when I transfer the bulbs to to the other unit it doesn't work at all. So any suggestions of what what I might or might not be doing wrong? I'm checking all the wire connections and you know that connecting not make sure hard wires are connected.



"Check Wiring Connections: Ensure all the wiring connections are secure and correctly matched. Double-check the negative and positive connections, as well as the ground wire. Please check tube wiring diagram to make sure tube itself is single end power input or double end power input.

Bulb Orientation: Confirm that the bulbs are inserted correctly and securely. Some bulbs may have specific orientations for proper functioning.

Testing Components: Swap components (bulbs, wiring) between the working and non-working fixtures to identify if the issue lies with a specific component or fixture."


Shop Light

Four foot two light shop lights LED do not work. We've checked our electrical supply and we have. The available power. So I guess we're baffled. We need to know what is going on.



The customer should take a look at the tube’s wiring diagram to identify whether the tube they purchased is based on double end power input or single end power input. We have a 1st generation fixture product that allows only 'double end input.' Now, all our fixture products have undergone wiring updates, making them compatible with tubes from all brands

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