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Grow Tape Light

Grow, Facilitate, and Yield. 

The Zone Grow Tape Light is made for anyone, especially for those who plant indoors, who grow any sort of plant: vegetable, fruits, flowers, etc. People might be asking why? Isn’t watering, sunshine, or even some fertilizer enough for the plant to grow perfectly? Yes, but it is like only giving a person the most fundamental meals and energy they need to “survive.” In that case, will the person grow into a man or woman with perfect body shape and healthy form? The Zone Grow Tape Light is great for seeding, vegetation, and flowering.

346-0603_ 12' LED Grow Tape Light_P_in-u
346-0603_ 12' LED Grow Tape Light_P_in-u
346-0603_ 12' LED Grow Tape Light_P_in-u

I am in a Jungle!

With the assistance of the Zone Grow Tape Light, any growth of plants can be facilitated. It is like an enzyme in the human body that helps humans better accept the nutrition they receive from the source. The theory is when plants is exposed under the light, it will figure that they're in a jungle, so they need to grow harder to survive and to cherish every bit of nutrition they can receive from water, sun, or fertilizer.

All Angles, Everywhere.

The light want make an effect until it's been lighted consecutively, and this tested the durability of the light. The Zone Grow Tape Light has Blue wavelength 465 nm + Red Led wavelength 625nm. And the grow tape light’s Flexible Soft Rope Light for Aquarium Greenhouse Hydroponic Plant Garden makes it easy to install in all spaces that users desire.

Red and Blue Light

For those who grow plants for a decorative function in their garden or indoor, the plants will grow exceptionally beautiful and better to be taken care of because of the desire to survive that the light generates for it. Red lights promote flowering; blue light enhances vegetative growth.


12' length

ZONE_LED Grow Tape Light
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